About the report

The Doodle State of Meetings Report 2019 is a comprehensive look at the way meetings are organized in at work. Each chapter looks into various pain points, issues and recommendations around meetings, in order to improve meetings and reduce the wasting of both time and money.

Combining Doodle user data with two separate research reports, the report also includes comment from leading organisational academics and psychologists to create what we hope is an informative, insightful and useful report into the state of meetings.

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Data collection

The state of meetings report comprises data from three sources - an in-depth Nielsen study of 1,000 professionals (conducted August 2018), a survey of 5,528 professionals form the UK, Switzerland Germany & the USA (conducted October - December 2018), and analysis of over 19 million meeting responses shared via the Doodle platform in 2018.

Data has been presented in its original form, and only used comparatively where appropriate. The report is designed by Studio Blackburn and developed by Systems Studio.

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About Doodle

The world’s leading online scheduling platform, Doodle enables busy professionals to focus on their real work by making time-consuming tasks like scheduling and organizing meetings fast and easy. Used by over 30 million people every month, Doodle offers a solution for each type of meeting and team - like the classic Doodle to for large group meetings and Doodle 1:1 for one-on-ones.

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